Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tuba VSTi by Softrave

Tuba VSTi – virtual brass instrument with 7 levels of midi velocity

Tuba VSTi is based on samples of real brass instrument made of metal called, well – Tuba .
It has 7 layers of velocity so you can feel some natural sound of Tuba with midi keyboard in your studio
Tuba Vsti was created by Tikov 4D with samples made of real instrument. recorded by Sasha Nochin – Tuba player of band Pakava It
It was sampled from note A0 till B1. This Vsti can be used in jazz, klezmer, classical and of course balcanic style of music
When you use Tuba VSTi try to use not the most loud sounds first
You can also add analog drift vibration to create more alive type of sound  if necessary
Youtube Demo

You can download Demo of Tuba VSTi at Mediafire
Its limited to 2 sounds so try note number E1 – F1 to see how velocity works for timbre of sound

You can purchase it for 11 Euros or 15 USD