Thursday, June 14, 2012

Softrave has released Alice 2012, a new synth VSTi for Windows.
Alice 2012 is based on waveform samples from an Alice 1387 vintage analog soviet synth produced in the '80s. The idea was to recreate deep the low sounds of Alice 1387 as close as possible to the original. This synth is intended for electro, techno, IDM ambient and other electronica styles.
Price: €10 / $15.

Softrave has released updates for Analog Techno Kick (2.0), Analog Techno Kick Pro(3.0) and Alice 2010 (1.1).
Changes in ATK:
  • Analog Drift added.
  • Filters improved.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
Changes in Alice 2012:
  • Controlled analog drift is added for filters to add more vintage touch when its necessary.
Softrave also now offers a pack of two synths:Alice 2012 & Alice 2012 Combi.
Alice 2012 Combi is based on waveform samples from Alice 1387, a vintage analog soviet synth produced in the '80s and extended with 8 more digital oscillators - so in total you have 12 waveforms. You can assign depth and quality of analog drift of generators and filters to make sounds more warm, old-school and alive.
Price for the pack is €11 / $15. All customers of Alice 2012 will receive a free update.

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